Friday, February 12, 2010

Class Valentines

Valentine's Day is upon us and since today is the last school day before Valentine's. I thought I would share some treats. 

This first one was created by my Down Line Shannon Freeman. She used the Heart Treat cups and the  Sweetheart stamp set to create these adorable treats to be handed out by her son RJ.

My son, Jonathan and I went an easier route. We ordered the Love Bots-Boys.             My son easily put these together. Then we put an Oatmeal pie (School Guide lines don't allow candy at my son's school). 
                                        Both Jonathan and I thought of the same thing when we looked at this one. 
We thought of Disney's Laugh Floor,  Where the monsters all greet the humans with "Hello Humans!" and everyone raises their hands and makes a noise.

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