Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Butterfly framed art

Recently I made two of these cute and simple framed art to give to two of my friends who share the same birthday. 

           To reproduce this art you will need the following stamp sets:

Dreams Du Jour (words)
Simple Friendship (large butterfly)
Branch Out (small butterflies)
Pocket Silhouettes (plant)

Hand crafted by Gina Dygert


  1. A great idea! Frame is what? 4 by 4"? You have so many ideas and should set up a booth at a craft show and sell some! :) I've seen them around here in NYS during the summer but it's nothing to what you do. You've done so many things!

  2. Yes it holds a 4" x 4" picture. I believe I bought this frame at Target.
    Who knows maybe I will come up to NY and do a craft fair this summer. That would be a great idea! I always like the one in Remsen but I think thats in the fall.
    :) Gina