Friday, March 27, 2009

How did I make my weaved basket from paper?

Several have asked how I made my basket.
Well, I used a quick simple technique to get the weave started.

First I placed 4 strips


then 4 more 

then 3 more

and finally I only had to weave the last 3. 

Pushing them all into the center. 

Flip it over. Take a piece of 3 1/4" square to cover the centers and make it easier to fold the strips up. 

Now you are ready to start weaving strips around the box.

I adhered each corner before turning to the next side this will give it strength.

After doing 4 strips high

I then cut off any excess paper on the top so I could place 4 Scallop envelope together as a box inside by basket. To finish off this basket I used a 3/4" strip folded in half to go around the top edge. Add the rest of your embellishments (ribbon, brads etc). 

Happy Crafting 

Hand Crafted By Gina Dygert

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  1. You are awesome to put your tutorial on your site. This is just a gorgeous basktet. I think I will be able to do it now. Thanks so much.

    Marcia Shepherd